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This Newest Feminist Trend Is By Far The Grossest One Yet

Somebody tell me… what’s the point of all this?

Feminists ruin all kinds of things for people, but in the last year or so they’ve been decimating hygiene.


In November, they attacked one of the most sacred of male traditions, “No Shave November.”

No Shave November has traditionally been a fun tradition where men forgo the razor for a month so that they can raise awareness about men’s health issues. Typically the main issue is something along the lines of prostate cancer, but it can also be to bring awareness to other issues like male suicide.

Not able to bear the thought that men could have their own fun things to do, the SJWs tried to hijack it by doing what they do best: making things about them.

They decided that the holiday was too gendered and binary, so women started posting photos of armpit hair that they were growing so that people would hopefully pay attention to them.

One terribly long run-on-sentence infested post criticized:

“It’s disappointing that what could’ve served as a much-needed dialogue about the many ways in which men, trans men included, can express their masculinity without resorting to chauvinist caricatures is in danger of devolving into at best a pissing contest between bros about who can grow the most facial hair to prove their manliness and at worst an implicit endorsement of 1950s-style gender norms, complete with transphobia.”

So in other words, their argument is that “feminism fights for men’s rights too”, but also “movember is oppressive to trans people because it celebrates masculinity.”

What’s Happening Now:

These little snowflakes aren’t happy trying to shove armpit hair in our faces, but now they have to die them rainbow colored, just in case we didn’t see it the first time. (We did.)

What. The. Actual. Fuck?

What really sucks is she looks like she’d actually have a good body if it wasn’t for that nonsense.

And, of course, when busted feminists see a decently attractive girl do something stupid like that, they have to go and copy it.

I may sound like a stereotypical sorority girl, but I literally can’t even at this point.

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