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Feminists, Allow Us To ‘Mansplain’ Why A Women’s Equality Party Will Never Work

Troll level 100.

Radical feminists have been attempting to organize to put their twisted agendas into action for ages.

Recently, in a few countries, they have been trying to create parties of their own. In the United Kingdom, for example, Women’s Equality Party was created.

The WEP’s voters were mostly seen as protest votes, since they had an election that was about as polarized as America’s. Funny enough, though, the WEP didn’t even land as many votes as the party protest that came before it, the Monster Raving Loony Party.

To be fair, if I had a choice between attending an event full of pissy women, or an event of absolutely mental people, I’d probably go with the MRLP.

But even if they tried that here, in America, there’s not reason for alarm just yet. There are quite a few reasons that party would never be able to get off the ground:

First off, their name is a huge hindrance for them. The Woman’s Equality Party is one that caters towards, mostly, well… women.

If they were getting damn near every women, and some wimpy men, to vote for them, that would be one thing, but there’s plenty of sane women out there who don’t buy what they’re selling, so they’ll never get anywhere close to there.

Second, they don’t have a gripping cause to capture people with. Republicans have walls to rant about and democrats yell about healthcare, but centering the entire platform around “women equality” isn’t exactly a “sexy” issue to wave as a banner.

According to Heat Street:

Did the British public reject WEP not because they don’t care about genuine equality for all, but because they felt the “them and us” WEP didn’t?

Let’s be honest: this is a party for feminists, by feminists. There’s nothing wrong with that, but with even feminist lobby group The Fawcett Society claiming only 7% of Britons identify as feminists, the WEP was always fishing in a small pond.

Next we must look at WEP’s treatment of men – half the electorate, remember. Perhaps because of their name, the Party was continually forced to pay lip service to men and boy’s issues, which I campaign about in Parliament as co-founder of the Men & Boys Coalition.

Granted, there was an excellent (if utopian) Swedish-style proposition in WEP’s Manifesto to give nine months’ shared parental leave to mums and dads, on 90% of pay.

Yet the Party’s promotional video for the London Mayoral campaign included one white man, and he was a clenched-fisted child abuser.

These parties will never work mainly because they isolate so many people, and their extremism will never be acceptable to the mainstream or majority of people.

So go ahead, take a deep breath, we won’t see a radical feminist party anytime soon.

H/T: Heat Street

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