Woman Divorces Husband, Gets $15M. He Later Sells His Company For $93M And All Hell Breaks Loose

It’s just stacked against us…

Men already know the justice system is stacked against us when it comes to things like divorce. I mean, just look at how important prenups have become in today’s society.

My mother always said the worst thing you can do to the woman you want to marry is to have her sign a prenup, but after looking at stories like this, I don’t know how men can even consider getting married without one.

An Australian couple was married for 35 years before deciding to get divorced. A dispute over property was finally finalized, and the judgement read that the wife was to “receive assets valued at about $15 million.”

You’d think that would be the end of it. They’re split, she got a boatload of money, that would be it.

You’d be wrong. Her ex-husband recently listed his business on the stock market and earned around $93 million dollars. What do you think happened?

Yep, you guessed it: she’s dragging him back into court and demanding a cut.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald:

The wife now alleges there has been a miscarriage of justice by reason of her former hubby failed to “disclose relevant information relating to the public listing of a company in which the first respondent held a substantial interest and which resulted in the first respondent reaping a substantial financial reward in the vicinity of $93 million.”

The court document states that the hubby resists the claim on the basis that “any information that was not disclosed was not relevant to the case” or, if it were, no further disclosure was required.

One of the more interesting points brought up in the document was that the husband – referred to as the first respondent – said that on or before 16 April 2015, he made enquiries as to whether or not to undertake the public listing of company – known as an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

But he and other parties actually “determined to take the initial steps to the making of an IPO” on May 1, 2015.

Damn, I could live in luxury off $15 million for the rest of my life! Is she really so greedy that she thinks she’s entitled to more?

I mean, what is she supposed to do? Get a job and become a contributing member to society? Be happy she drained him for that much and just move on with her life? No, she’s probably just going to spend the rest of her life looking at every dollar he touches trying to see if there’s any way she can sink her claws into it. Unless she genuinely had a heavy role in the business, and was a driving force behind why the organization was so successful, I don’t see why she’s entitled to any of that.

And this, gentleman, is who prenups are so important. In the words of the great philosopher, Kanye West, “If you ain’t no punk holla ‘We Want Prenup!’ It’s something that you need to have, ’cause when she leave yo ass she gone leave with half”

H/T: The Sydney Morning Herald

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