This Man Was Forced To Pay Child Support For 26 Years For A Child That Wasn’t Even His

The court fucking men over again.

Men already know the justice system is stacked against us when it comes to things like divorce and child custody. One only has to look at the historical data to see that women are unfairly granted child custody about 85% of the time, and receive over 94% of all child support dollars paid.

But even with all the blatant bias and favoritism that the courts show women, you’d at least expect to a court not to force someone to pay child support for a child that isn’t even theirs, right?


From WXYZ:

Carnell Alexander says he got a shock during a traffic stop in the early 1990s. The officer arrested him, telling him he is a deadbeat dad.

When he appeared in court Alexander told the judge, he didn’t have any children. The court told him to find the woman.

The court gave him an old address. When he couldn’t find her, he says was told he would have to pay.

Whoa, whoa, what? A court is coming to him demanding that he pay support to someone that can’t even be bothered to make themselves contactable? Why is it his fault that she can’t be found? What an unfair system!

He later learned that while he was in prison for a crime he committed as a young man, an ex listed him as father on an application for welfare benefits. Notice of the paternity hearing that followed was taken to his old house.

When he didn’t appear for the hearing he didn’t know about, he was made dad by default.

Oh boy. So now, not only is he having to pay child support, but it’s because his ex girlfriend or wife wanted to scam the government for additional welfare funding? Even if his old address was accurate, he was in prison! How’s he supposed to show up for a hearing if they weren’t properly notifying him? Here’s an idea, instead of chasing this guy down for money for a kid he didn’t have, let’s try to find this ex that has disappeared and charge her with welfare fraud.

He went to court again and again, but could not get the matter resolved.

“No one ever listened until I met you,” said Alexander.

After 7 Action News told his story, an attorney volunteered to take on the case.

Cherika Harris says she did it because she is outraged by how the system treated Carnell Alexander.

“You declare him a deadbeat. You garnish his wages, take away his ability to make a living. That is an illegal taking. It is a violation of his constitutional rights,” said Harris.

Attorney Harris is preparing to appear before a Federal judge on Wednesday to argue that Alexander deserves to sue the state and Wayne County for violating his rights.

She says the case is important to protect others.

It is only as her suit has moved forward that Wayne County dismissed the child support case against her client. Alexander got official notice days ago, that after a 26-year-long fight he doesn’t owe child support for a child that is not his.

“So the judge has finally agreed with me that this shouldn’t have been done,” said Harris.

“Today I am happy that the debt has been lifted, but I am still hurt by what I have been through over 26 years,” said Alexander.

26 YEARS! He’s been dealing with this bullshit for probably half of his life! It’s sad that situations like this is even possible in this day and age. Sadly, until the whole system is reformed, stories like this will no doubt continue to surface.

What do you think should happen to the ex? Should she have to pay everything back, plus interest? Should prison time be involved? Let us know!


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