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You Won’t Believe What Columbia University Considers a “Microaggression” Now…

If only they were kidding.

SJWs need to have a label for everything.

If you really like cats, I mean really like cats, BOOM, you can be called “cat-kin” and you will for all intents and purposes (at least in their eyes) be a cat.

If you have trouble figuring out what gender you want to be today, you can call yourself “gender fluid” and not have to worry yourself about the complex in your head. You can wake up and be whatever you want to be that day, regardless of what science and reason would tell you.

If these people wanted to believe their little fairy tales they wrote for themselves and stay in their own little bubble, that would be one thing, but what’s the point of making something up for yourself so you can feel unique if you also can’t victimize yourself so you can try to attract more attention?

A Ph.D. student at Columbia University has recently published a thesis on “asexual microaggressions,” which states that it’s possible to discriminate against people who are unable to form romantic relationships.

So there ya go: if you’re too fat, ugly, or just too bitchy to get laid, there’s a new way to make yourself feel better about your situation.

Aasha Foster, a Counseling Psychology grad student at Columbia invented an “Asexual Microaggressions Scale” which helps measure exactly how many times people who don’t date have to face what she considers microaggressions.

And you thought underwater basketweaving sounded like a useless field of study.

According to this nutjob’s “research,” these microaggressions can include (but are undoubtedly not limited to) being told that asexuality is “just a phase,” being called a prude, saying that asexuality doesn’t actually exist, or that people who identify that way are going to feel alone for the rest of their lives (undoubtedly with many cats who will eat their faces after they die.)

In fact, Foster was able to come up with 24 ways that people are able to commit these terrible “microaggressions,” and she decided to do some “research” on some test subjects to prove it.

She sourced her subjects from the internet, mostly from places like Facebook, Tumblr (shocker,) Reddit, and a site called the “Asexuality Education and Visibility Network.”

As expected, most of her test subjects, 67.07 percent, actually, came from that online cesspool called “Tumblr.”

according to Foster, researching microaggressions is of top importance because they can cause “psychological distress,” “emotional difficulty,” and “depressive symptoms,” She insists that “Asexual women and men had higher rates of anxiety than heterosexual men and women” due to the oppression they face on a daily basis.

She also demands that researchers in the future take an “intersectional” approach to this devastating problem since her study was unfortunately only able to include mostly “white women,” so it doesn’t truly show the plight of more marginalized groups.

“When examined through [the lens of intersectionality], asexual prejudice and microaggressions may shift in salience, intensity, and/or frequency, thus further research will help contextualize and extend the findings of this dissertation,” Foster claims.

To quote the great philosopher, Dr. Hubert Farnsworth, “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”


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