Judge Gave this Rape Accuser What She Deserved… Kinda.

Geez, man.

A female student got what was coming to her after she accused a taxi driver of raping her.

Sophie Pointon, 22, called the police early in the morning and claimed she had just been taken advantage of in the back of a taxi by a taxi driver after a night out drinking.

The criminology student went to the police station and signed a sworn statement giving all the details of the incident of the alleged rape in Leeds, UK.

The driver of the taxi was held for six hours in custody while they sorted it all out, and ended up missing a total of four weeks of work because of her accusations. As a father of five, missing work not only affects him, but his family as well.

When the driver gave his account, he said that Sophie entered his vehicle “extremely drunk” and insisted she get in his taxi with her greasy kabab.

When they arrived at the destination, he claims she threw a £10 note at him, which he then told her he wouldn’t accept because it was drenched in oil.

When he refused her money, he claims she became irate and began flinging doors open on his taxi.

He said he didn’t think much of the incident at the time, since he was used to ferrying drunk people around and according to him, that kind of behavior is pretty normal.

When the courts examined the GPS evidence, it seemed to support his account, and completely contradicted Sophie’s story.

At that point, Sophie tried to pull the “woman crying” card. She reported asked, in tears, if she could drop the charges as soon as the authorities started questioning her narrative.

She later pleaded guilty to a charge of perversion of justice.

She’s upset that her hopes of becoming a police officer were not going to happen since she had to spend 16 months in jail.

My question is, why is it only 16 months?

I mean, if a man had tried to pull something like that, not only would he have been minimized throughout the entire process, but if it was found that he was lying about it, he’d have the book thrown at him.

And unfortunately, this trend of false rape charges and jail sentences that are far too short for women is becoming all too previlant.

Recently, there was a woman who committed assault on her own baby out of jealousy that the father was in a new relationship.

She called the police threatening to throw the baby off the balcony. When the officers rushed to the unit they found the baby had bruises all over her face and body. When questioned, she originally lied saying that the 8-month-old child had fallen down at the playground.

What did she get? No jail time, and a $400 fine.

A girl impersonated an officer to control her ex for two whole years, playing fucked up mind games with him, she didn’t even get a full year.

Another piece of human garbage was just sentenced to 10 years in prison after accusing 15 men in three years of sexual assault.

While 10 years is better than these other examples, that’s not even a year per instance.

When will enough be enough?

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