Judge Handed Controversial Sentence to Student Who Stabbed Her Boyfriend

How is this even possible?

An Oxford student who stabbed her boyfriend her boyfriend in the leg was just let off by a judge for a completely unacceptable reason.



Lavinia Woodward, 24, is an Oxford University student who has aspirations of becoming a heart surgeon. She’s also a piece of human filth that slashed at Thomas Fairclough, a Cambridge University student and boyfriend.

And you thought your ex was crazy.

The victim had only just begun to date her earlier that year after meeting her on the Tinder dating app.

When the two fought, it often got heated. On the date of the stabbing, she punched him in the face, threw a laptop, a jar of jam, and a drinking glass at him.


When he threatened to call Woodward’s mother after the girl had displayed behavior that had worried him, the girl then punched him before brandishing a bread knife and stabbing him in the leg.

Any sane person would have said that violent actions like that would deserve jail time, at the very least.

During her trial, the court was told her college will allow her to return to in October because she “is that bright” and has had articles published in medical journals.

However, after her criminal conviction would have to be disclosed, she is unlikely to be able to become a surgeon, said Jim Sturman, her lawyer.


What’s Happening Now:

But, lucky for her, the judge decided she was “too clever for prison”, and let her walk free.

Woodward was given a 10-month suspended prison sentence when she appeared at Oxford Crown Court.

Judge Ian Pringle handed down a 10-month jail sentence, which was then suspended for 18 months, telling her: “There are many mitigating features in your case.”

“Principally, at the age of 24 you have no previous convictions of any nature whatsoever.

“Secondly, I find that you were genuinely remorseful following this event and, indeed, against your bail conditions, you contacted your partner to fully confess your guilt and your deep sorrow for what happened.

“Thirdly, whilst you are a clearly highly-intelligent individual, you had an immaturity about you, which was not commensurate for someone of your age.

“Fourthly, as the reports from the experts make clear, you suffer from an emotionally-unstable personality disorder, a severe eating disorder and alcohol drug dependence.

“Finally, and most significantly, you have demonstrated over the last nine months that you are determined to rid yourself of your alcohol and drug addiction and have undergone extensive treatment including counselling to address the many issues that you face.

“In particular, you have demonstrated to me since I adjourned this matter in May a strong and unwavering determination to do so despite the enormous pressure under which you were put and which has been referred to me by your counsel.”

Do you think a man would have avoided prison for being “too clever?”

Hell no, he’d have the book thrown at him, and rightfully so! That is completely unacceptable behavior.

The bias in the court system needs to be addressed, and soon.

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