Bride Books Bachelor Party For Groom And Friends – Then They Discover The Ugly Truth

Sucks they found out at the airport…

Everyone hears the horror stories of people who have been conned out of large amounts of money, but no one ever thinks it will happen to them.

Unfortunately for Chris Mahone of the UK, that fear became a reality.

Chris had organized a trip for himself and 29 of his friends to go to Ibiza for four days during his bachelor party.

When hearing about these plans, his fiancé, Rachel Doran, 29, persuaded Chris, 27, to let her take over planning out the details of his trip. When he agreed, she took $600 from each of the 30 of them, in order to pay for the trip.

When the day of the trip came, the entire crew arrived at the airport, excited to get the stag-do weekend started. When they went to check in, however, they found that their tickets weren’t valid.

Frantic, they called the hotel to see if they still had their rooms. Funny enough, the hotel said they didn’t have any such reservation under that name.

After many distressed calls home, they finally figured out the truth – Rachel had forged the boarding passes and reservations, then fled their home.

Chris, of course, was devastated. He had not only lost his wife-to-be, but he now had 29 incredibly disappointed friends and family members.

Some of these friends were incredibly pissed: “She’s taken £13,000 from us for a stag do that didn’t even exist.

“Some of us only earn £200 a week and have been saving since March. It’s scandalous.”

In a post to Facebook, Chris posted: “I can’t apologise enough. I’m sorry boys, I really am.”

One of his friends said: “We got there with the boarding passes, with Jet2 on the top and Cumbria Travel at the ­bottom. There was a reference number and everything.

“We handed it in at the check-in desk but there was no record of us. We then phoned the hotel in Ibiza and they’d never heard of us.

“We contacted Rachel and she was adamant it was genuine. Then she offered to pay for flights there and then. After that we couldn’t get hold of her. She just vanished.”

Someone else said: “Rachel went all out to forge documents for the trip.

“She printed fake boarding passes and used a local travel firm’s logo to put on the top of letters and tickets.

“It happened because she heard he’d cheated on her, when he hadn’t. She must have been planning her revenge for months, maybe a year. She’s disgusting.”

Even her own family wants nothing to do with her.

Rachel’s grandmother, Monica McKee, 81, also said yesterday that Rachel was undeserving: “Her parents are just devastated, embarrassed and disgusted — they won’t even come out the house.

“We’ve all done everything for her and all she’s done is throw it back in our faces.

“You give her money and you don’t get it back.

“She even put in for a loan under my name – for £10,000.

“They were getting married at Christmas. I’d spent £300 on a new outfit.

“The lad she was going with, he was a lovely lad. I wouldn’t have her back in my door, I wouldn’t have her back down my garden path.”

Rachel’s brother Ryan Doran wrote: “She will get what’s coming to her! She’s got no f****r now! How a person can do something like that is beyond me! Evil cow!”


Luckily, Rachel was soon-after arrested on suspicion of fraud by false representation.

The Sun, a UK News Publication heard about their plight, and stepped in to pay for an entirely new trip!

Hopefully the lads will get their money back and Rachel goes away for a long time.

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