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After Police Bumble Fake Rape Investigation, Victim Tears into Them

No words…

A 22-year old undergrad who was cleared of rape charges after a girl falsely accused him has a strongly worded message for his accuser and the incompetent police officers who bumbled the investigation.



Liam Allan, 22, was arrested in front of his mother after returning home from playing soccer after being accused of six rapes and six sexual assaults.

The trouble all started when Liam became romantically involved with a “troubled teenager,” a girl who he said really needed someone’s support.

When the topic of starting a sexual relationship came about, he wanted to be absolutely positive that she was comfortable with it before starting.

“I was her first so I wanted to do everything I could to make her feel comfortable,” Liam said. “You want to make sure that it’s important and special, and every fear and worry is gone before you do it.

“I didn’t want her to regret it because nobody ever wants anyone to regret their first time.”

He attributes his relationship with his mother with his feeling that women deserve respect, and he said he did all he can to live out his beliefs with this girl.

“Most people I get on with and consider close friends are women, so for me it was about respect. That was the most important thing,” Liam stated.

At all points of the relationship, Liam insisted that everything that occurred was completely consensual. In fact, he went out of his way to make sure that nothing that happened caused her any kind of stress.

Liam said: “After the first time, from that moment on, it was just happiness. It’s the most intimate you can be with someone, so once you get past that barrier of doing it, there was reassurance. She felt comfortable and special and it actually did mean something.”

He admits, he always knew she was mentally unstable. “I knew she had had problems and I couldn’t just turn my back,” says Liam.

“If I had to sacrifice my time to look after her then I would. There were issues I didn’t sometimes know how to help with but I would never have tried to palm it off on someone else.”

The young woman, who for some crazy reason gets to legally be completely anonymous for the rest of her life, then decided to go to the police and insist that she didn’t like being intimate with men. She insisted that Liam had actually been raping her between September 2014 and August 2015 by doing things like holding her arms back so she couldn’t struggle or tying her to the bedpost.

Liam fully cooperated with police, thinking that this matter would be cleared up pretty quickly, but he was wrong.

When it came time for the trial, the police refused to share 40,000 messages that revealed that the “victim” had actually been pestering Liam for sex, claiming that the messages were “too personal.”

On top of that, sources say she told one boyfriend she loved it when he choked her during sex, told friends how well-endowed Liam is after they broke up, and swapped messages with other partners about rape fantasies.

When the truth was finally brought to light, the trial collapsed.


What’s Happening Now:

When it comes to his accuser, Liam surprisingly has little to say about her. Mostly he just claims he has “no sympathy” for her after she tried to ruin his life.

The target of his real anger, he says, is the police and the Crown Prosecution Service saying he has “no choice” but to sue them for the negligence and incompetence, and that “an apology doesn’t cut it at all.”

And sue he absolutely should. If the justice system thinks it can let things like this slide between the cracks, that will give the incentive to women to just accuse anyone they don’t like.

Don’t believe me? In the UK, the number of rapes reported to police up from 13,000 in 2002 to 45,000 last year.

This clear bias in the courts has to stop.

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