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This Biology Professor’s Ridiculous Sex/Gender Claims Are Incredibly Ignorant

How is she a teacher?

A biology professor at San Jose State University has taken to Twitter to make some pretty ridiculous claims about sex and gender, and tried to justify her position in a way that exposes just how blind “science” college professors can be in an effort to promote their SJW agenda.

The whole thing started when Rep. Briscoe Cain, a state representative for the great state of Texas, sent out a tweet stating basic science: there are only two genders.

And the results are what you would expect from Twitter – uneducated people spewing nonsense:

I know, right? These idiots make me want to faceplant into my desk.

However, as annoying as these responses are, it pales in comparison to how idiotic the argument professor Rachael French of San Jose University threw down.

French replied, “Hey, geneticist here. You’ve disingenuous and for bigoted purposes oversimplified a complex phenomenon. A few notes: 1) Sex and gender aren’t the same thing. 2) Chromosomes don’t determine sex.”

She went on to claim that sex and gender are different. Gender, to her, is “a complex phenomenon arising from interactions between genes and the environment.” Sex, on the other hand, “describes the physical manifestations.”

But this next one is the kicker:

“Gender,” she wrote, “describes the psychological and/or emotional identity. They’re regulated somewhat, though certainly not entirely, independently.”

“Finally, there are more than two sexes at the somatic level. Intersex and ambiguously sexed individuals arise at an appreciable frequency—on the order of 1%. This is because physical sex is mostly hormonal, not chromosomal.”

According to someone educating our generation, gender has to do with feelings. She went full on Bill Nye.

And to make matters worse, if anyone tried to question her narrative, she refused to speak with them and shut them down in the most condescending way.

“One thing I’m not doing is arguing science with someone whose basic premise is incorrect and tries to tell me that they know more about my science, in which I am an expert, than I do,” she wrote.

So much for intelligent dialogue.

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