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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Just Triggered Feminists Everywhere By Something He Didn’t Even Say

A new level of triggered.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Sir Christopher Pissarides caused outrage among snowflakes when he made a very controversial comment during a recent panel discussion at the 2017 Starmus astronomy festival that was immediately labeled as sexist.

It triggered SJWs so badly that some attendees were walking out and paying crazy amounts of money just so they could leave right away.

“I also walked out and am trying to book the next flight out of #starmus. A few days of insults and other related was enough,” one professor tweeted.

What was this egregious comment? Pissarides merely commented Apple’s virtual assistant Siri sounded “more trustworthy” when it had a male voice than when it have a female one.

Yeah, that’s it. This man because the target of an incredible amount of hatred and attacks on social media just because he liked the male Siri voice better.

The complaints even went as far to drag famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson into the mix by criticising him for not speaking out.

“Neil DeGrasse Tyson isn’t as ‘woke’ as he seems, apparently, after he refuses to scold a sexist Nobel laureate.”

From Heat Street:

At the “World on Fire” panel, Sir Christopher can be seen awkwardly fumbling with an iPhone by holding it up to his ear to listen to Siri’s response after asking it about the weather. When TV host Larry King pointed out to him that Siri had a woman’s voice by default in the U.S., Pissarides said: “I chose a man, because you trust the voice of a man more I was told.”

Pissarides received jeers from the audience and was immediately raked over the coals on social media over his comments, which he made during the Q&A session. It was streamed to Twitter.

Dr. Jill Tarter, who attended the lecture, admonished Pissarides. “I’m wondering why after a beautiful, inspiring lecture by Jeffrey Sachs this morning, about why we have to solve our problems globally, everyone needs to be in the game—why a very wise, knighted, noble laureate found two opportunities on the stage of this conference to piss off half the world’s population. And Neil, you didn’t jump on it.”

“It’s a gender issue,” she said.

So a gender issue is a guy wanting to use one Siri voice over another, and observing why he thought other people may use a certain voice? Really?

Watch the video here:

Luckily, there were some people who called out this madness:

How do these people enjoy life if they’re constantly trying to find ways to be upset?

H/T: Heat Street

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