Feminist Says Modern Feminism Is ‘Depriving Men Of Sex’ Before Presenting Dumbest Argument Ever


An English “Social Scientist” has just come out with the dumbest idea of all times, even dumber than one of the other worst British ideas, “Dr. Who”. Fight me.

Dr. Catherine Hakim thinks that the best way to make Englishmen gay is not to show them photos of attractive men or injecting them with some sort of “gay drug.” No, she thinks the best way to turn them gay is to deny them sex.

She claims that “radical feminism” as we know it isn’t quite right because it “presents an unremittingly negative view of heterosexual relationships”. She thinks this radicalized view encourages women to think that when they have sex with men, they’re “sleeping with the enemy.”

Now, while she may be right about that part, buckle up, because this ride is about to get bumpy.

She then went on to say that certain things were getting worse, like “sexual harassment and everyday sexism. I think this could be a consequence of the male sexual deficit, which is growing over time, at least in Western Europe.”

When she was being interviewed for the site Conservative Women, she was asked if she thought that British men were “sex starved” or not since feminism started becoming prevalent.

Dr. Hakim replied, “Probably, most men are, especially over the age of 35.”

She then quipped, “However Englishmen may have developed better methods of coping with it: cold showers, regular beatings with a cane at school or in religious retreats, and of course, the classic solution of homosexuality, where like minds meet and women become redundant.”

If that’s the English solution to turning men gay is denying sex, I have an English solution: ITV host Holly Willoughby.

Mmmmmmmm, what a woman.

But back to the crazy lady. Dr. Hakim. even claimed that there would be a noticeable uptick in gay men, saying, “I forecast a rise in openly gay men across Europe, as a result of countries shifting from the historical surplus of women to the new numerical surplus of men throughout the world, according to the World Bank. This is the key downside of no World Wars – too many men! Of course there is the alternative French (or Latin) solution: affairs, treated as an art form, with seduction, courtship, flirting, compliments, and of course lots of wine and elegant outings. This seems a more constructive and creative solution.”

Wait, so downside of no world wars is that there are too many men? And the solution to our problems is infidelity? That’s a horrible thing to say!

At least she’s more on track when it comes to the wage gap.

“In my book Key Issues in Women’s Work (and also in Work-lifestyles in the 21st Century: Preference Theory) I show that across all industrialised economies, women’s ideal lifestyle, and work orientations, differ from those of most men. Many women prefer part-time or flexible jobs, and/or they give priority to work-life balance, even if they earn a bit less. So the pay gap between men and women is inevitable, as they often choose different jobs. In Britain, there is no pay gap among people under 30, and the pay gap has now been fully explained by job choices. So we really are ahead of the game on equality, and should recognise it.”

H/T: Conservative Women

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