Something Every SJW Needs To See. Bill Burr Perfectly Explains Offensive Language

Bill Burr roasted an SJW who demanded that anyone who used a word they deemed offensive should have to get up and apologize for it. To her, it didn’t matter what people meant, just mentioning the word is what was important to her.

Bill said that was BS. All you’re doing when you tell people to avoid certain words that can be seen as racist/ sexist/ homophobic is you’ve given them a road-map to continue, as long as they don’t utter that word you fear so much. Different people use words in different ways, we shouldn’t kill a word for everyone just because someone else chooses to take it a certain way.

(If you haven’t seen the discussion already, I’ve left the video at the bottom of the page)

Let’s give a sports example. If you’re playing football with a bunch of the guys, a guy knocks you over, and then stops to ask if you’re ok, a perfectly reasonable response from a male standpoint is “Psh, I’m fine ya fag. Get back to the game.”

It’s football. You’re expected to get knocked over, big deal. If somebody makes a thing out of that tackle, that makes it uncomfortable for everyone involved. You’re not actually calling him “gay”, you’re just ripping on him for acting weird.

Luckily, The Huffington Post is here to make sure we know how privileged we are. Check this article from Lucas Waldron out:

When I see my cousin asserting his comfort with calling his (presumably straight male) friends “faggots,” I do not feel directly afraid of my cousin, but I feel afraid of the culture that both he and I are surrounded by and respond so differently to. The complicated side of this kind of commentary is that it embodies an attitude of tolerance surrounding the ability of gay people to get married while also furthering the “faggot”-calling culture that creates the violence that our LGBTQ community is surrounded by. The biggest issues facing LGBTQ youth — homelessness, hate crimes and emotional and psychological violence — stem from the most privileged people in our society, largely straight white men, believing that they are inherently better than people who do not share their unique, non-marginalized life experience. Words like “faggot” are used to demean people who do not fit into the hypermasculine framework of our culture’s power structure. The college-aged men who casually incorporate “faggot” into their vocabulary have never experienced the violence that their words create and therefore find it acceptable to call each other “faggot” and still claim to not be inherently homophobic.

How do these snowflakes even leave their homes?

Watch the video here:

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