Feminist Makes The Most Disgusting Threat To VP Mike Pence I’ve Ever Seen

A feminist from BuzzFeed.

A feminist from Buzzfeed has tweeted this about VP-elect Mike Pence:

What the actual HELL?

What is this accomplishing? Do women see this as empowering? How is this “helping women’s rights”?

Luckily, others on twitter were willing to call her out on this:

From Life News:

“Threatening President-elect Donald Trump and the people close to him seems to have become a popular trend among liberals in the past week.

On Sunday, MTV News and former Buzzfeed editor Rachel Zarrell chimed in with a disgusting and immature new threat against Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

“I swear to god if Mike Pence tries to regulate my uterus I will mail him a monthly bag of period blood,” Zarrell wrote on Twitter.

Zarrell’s tweet was her round-about way of attacking Pence’s advocacy for unborn babies without actually mentioning babies.

The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo responded:

But as The Federalist’s DC McAllister lovingly points out, Zarrell is being “ignorant of biology” here, or, perhaps, being intentionally dense so she can play victim.

“Clearly you’re ignorant of biology. A uterus and a fetus are two different entities. Saving the latter isn’t ‘regulating’ the former,” McAllister wrote on Sunday.

This will surely be lost on Zarrell, because that is how the left works. Facts don’t matter, nor does science. As long as you’re condemning the other side as sexists loudly enough, you’re in the right.

In April, abortion activists responded with an immature campaign called “Periods for Pence” where they urged women to call the governor’s office and leave messages with details about their menstrual cycles.

Zarrell’s referred to the Indiana campaign later on her Twitter feed. She also brushed off her original comment as a “joke.” Some abortion activists seem to think these immature attacks and campaigns are clever and funny, but the only thing they appear to get them is attention. If abortion activists want to be taken seriously, prank phone calls and “joke” threats about mailing their menstrual blood are not the way to go.

David Thornton at The Resurgent pointed out that the increasing hostility and threats against Trump and his supporters are not joking matters:

If Zarrell’s tweet was bizarre and disgusting, another anti-Trump protester’s message was, well, deplorable. The message on a protest sign spotted at a Washington, DC rally read, “Rape Melania.” This sign was all the more ironic and reprehensible in light of the campaign issue of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton’s treatment of women.

As the husband of a victim of sexual assault, let me just say that any call to rape or sexually assault anyone has no place in civilized discourse. Even in jest, the suggestion that someone would think that raping a candidate’s wife is an appropriate response to the democratic will of the people is morally bankrupt and indefensible.

Later, Thornton added: “Opponents of Donald Trump have the freedom to criticize and protest his election, but should remember that words have meaning. Some words go beyond the bounds of civility and decency and cross the line to criminal behavior.”

While Zarrell’s comment did not sink to this level, her little “joke” was a telling sign of just how shallow the pro-abortion position is.”

H/T: Life News

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