SJW Fraud Rachel Dolezal Tapped To Speak At Natural Black Hair Rally, Because That Makes Sense

Remember Rachel Dolezal? That white chick who pretended to be a black woman by smothering herself with bronzer and getting a weave?

Yea, her:

Well, apparently she has been invited to feature at a rally for natural black hair.

Yes, really.

The “Naturally Isis Braid-On, Economic Liberty March and Rally” (which I’m not even going to touch on here) is being put on by black hair salon founder Isis Brantley, a “natural hair stylist” who describes herself as a “vibrant spokeswoman for black ancestral culture” who has been “actively involved in the fight for preserving cultural identity for African Americans.”

So it makes sense, really. Why not invite some woman who lied about her race and literally wore blackface to come speak at an event that is supposed to celebrate African American cultural heritage and identity?

Well, according to Brantley, she had no idea who Dolezal was when she invited her to speak. She said she had seen some pictures of Dolezal’s hair-braiding work (because that’s apparently what she’s doing with her life now) and decided to invite her.

But plenty of other people knew, and they’re pissed.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Brantley said. “People threatened to boycott me… They are calling me a sellout and saying that I am ‘Massa’s girl’ or some mess like that.”

But it gets better. Instead of throwing the imposter out the door, Brantley “just stopped looking [at the comments] and blocked everybody.”

Apparently maturity and common sense don’t play big roles in either Brantley or Dolezal’s lives.

As for Dolezal, she claims she doesn’t understand how anyone could see any hypocrisy in having an obviously mentally unstable white woman come speak to black women about their culture, heritage, and identity.

“It’s a justice issue and I’ve been a social justice activist for years,” she said. “It’s really that simple.”

Is it, though?

As ridiculous as all of this is, we’re really not that surprised. Dolezal has some chutzpah – she lied to everyone around her for years, and even after she was caught refused to say that what she did was wrong or inappropriate, instead spewing some nonsense about cultural identity and “transracialism.”

We just can’t believe people are still falling for it.

H/T: National Review

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