Cornell ‘Diversity Dean’ Candidate Makes Tragic Mistake, Suggests ALL Lives Matter

Cornell University is on the hunt for a new dean of students, but it looks like one candidate just ensured he won’t get the job.

At first glance Vijay Pendakur looks like the perfect candidate. His family moved to Chicago from India when he was young and he grew up in faculty housing at Northwestern University where his father was a junior faculty member.

If anyone can sympathize with the plight of minority students and understand campus life, it’s Pendakur.

But Pendakur’s remarks at a recent “diversity townhall,” where he attempted to persuade students to support his candidacy, may have been the nail in the coffin as far as his run goes.

In his speech he listed three mottos that he said would be integral to his work at Cornell: “relationships make the world go around,” “social justice work is a marathon and not a sprint,” and “keep students at the center, always.”

He even spoke about his commitment to elevating the dialogue on “campus inclusion” and championing the cause of “trans-inclusion.”

It all sounded well and good (at least as far as SJWs are typically concerned), but then Pendakur made his fatal mistake. He dared to insinuate that all students should be considered when campus decisions are made, not just minority students.

“If I say, ‘The dean’s area of focus is diversity and inclusion,’ the unspoken thought in response often is, ‘Oh, so he’s here for only the marginalized students,’” he said. “So we need to undo that, because that is a deeply problematic framework. If we’re going to make progress, it needs to be everyone’s conversation.”

Do you hear that? It’s the low growl of a pack of angry social justice warriors about to pounce on their unsuspecting prey.

I have no doubt that Pendakur thought he had it in the bag when he finished his speech, but then Julia Montejo raised her hand.

Montejo, student vice president for diversity of inclusion (yes, that’s a thing), expressed her concern about including all students on campus in a discussion about diversity and inclusion.


Oh right, because in SJW world, excluding some students is the best way to be inclusive!

Pendakur did his best to recover, explaining that as the dean of students it would be his job to care for the needs of the entire student body, but in today’s pansy collegiate world you might as well suggest we bring back lynching.

Unfortunately for Pendakur, he probably just sealed his own fate

H/T: Heat Street, The Cornell Daily Sun

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