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Black Feminist Compares White Supremacy To… WHAT?

Insipidity at it’s finest.

Feminists are often “reaching for the stars” when it comes to the equivalency of social justice and hot topic issues. In an incredibly shallow and vapid comparison, author and feminist Aph Ko recently was discussing the North Dakota Pipeline. Somehow, from that original talking point, Ko stated that African-Americans who eat meat are right in line with white supremacists.
You read that right.

From BET:

“The reality is, ‘animal’ is wrapped around race,” she explains. “This is why the most ideal human being is a white man, and the most undesirable, primitive being is an ‘animal.’ They are opposites because they both are racial spaces that bolster white supremacy. Black folks need to start understanding how our negative attitudes about animals strengthens white supremacy.”

So eating meat makes white supremacy stronger?  Pretty sure our ancestors ate meat way before the entire concept of white supremacy was created.  Aph Ko’s madness did not stop there.

“Unfortunately, a lot of black folks adopt a white-centric world view in almost all of our social justice movements,” Ko continues. “So, we tend to be exposed to veganism or animal oppression through documentaries made by white folks – that don’t include any analysis about race – or theory written by white folks, or even campaigns created by white people. This directly impacts how we understand what animal oppression is and this can be troubling because black people have a very different social experience than white folks.”

The “white-centric” world argument is one she uses to set up her argument. It also may be the most problematic. There’s no doubt white suppression has affected minorities in America and abroad, but to link that to a reason for veganism is a stretch to say the least.


Ko’s efforts landed her in rough waters amongst other vegans, feminists, and feminist vegans. All over social media she was castigated and alienated from her own peer group. Ko has since created a video response on Vimeo to justify her outlandish false equivalency, but the damage has been done. If feminists are going to continue to spew empty rhetoric and claim the most outrageous of false truths, they’re going to have to rethink their failing game plan. Author’s like Ko are displaying the true absurdity of the feminist movement for all to view.

So what crazy lunatic idea will come Feminist come up with next?  Will they call for all men to be placed in concentration camps?  Oh wait that already happened….

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