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Feminism’s Latest Victim Is The Australian Cricket Team… Yes, The Cricket Team

Where to begin…

In a world where PC culture is being pushed harder by feminists than that kid at your middle school who was trying to push weed, it’s important to call out the stupidity when we see it, instead of silently letting them change everything about our world. Today’s whiny SJW is a cricket administrator by the name of Christina Matthews who believes we need to strip “sexist” words like “batsman,” “fieldsman,” and “nightwatchman” out of the sport.

For our American readers, if you’re surprised that cricket is still a real sport that people watch and isn’t just some game that you imagine people playing in the TV show “Downton Abbey,” you’re not alone, but it’s actually a wildly popular sport in Australia, the UK, India, and some other commonwealth nations. It is seen as a gentleman’s game (although Matthews would probably want us to use the term “gentleperson”,) so at least that mental image of fancy people playing it is somewhat accurate.

Matthews is suggesting gender neutral terms like “batter” and “fielder” to replace the terms that already exist.

She even went as far as to say that it’s as kind of bullying!

“I’m not saying people are deliberately trying to offend but it’s a bit like bullying — whether you’re bullied or not is dictated by the person who is on the end of it, not the person who’s doing it.”

Come on, lady.

Now this concept of removing genders from titles isn’t new. Just this weekend I was at a sports bar in Washington D.C. and I got some dirty looks for calling the person who was serving us a “waitress.” Apparently, if I don’t call them “servers,” I’m a sexist bigot. Who knew.

Look, sure there are some examples of real sexism in the world, but going after age old terms that have been used in a game that’s been around since the late 16th century seems like a waste of time. I mean, women in Saudi Arabia aren’t allowed to even drive, shouldn’t we be looking at stuff like that before trying to change words used in a recreational sport?

What do you think?

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