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David Copperfield Accused of Sexual Assaulting Model, Issues Scathing Response


Legendary magician David Copperfield released a statement addressing an accusation that he drugged and assaulted a former model. The attack, which the performer claims happened when she was just 17 years old in 1988.

While Copperfield conceded that the #MeToo movement was “crucial and long overdue,” he encouraged caution, saying we can’t “rush to judgment.” Similarly to how he survived another false assault allegation, he said he’d “weather another storm.”

The accuser, Brittany Lewis, claims that after one of his shows, Copperfield, then 32, took her to a bar and drugged her before assaulting her in a hotel room.

From The Wrap:

After the show, Lewis said, Copperfield invited her to a bar. She said she had barely touched her drink when she noticed him pouring something into her glass.

“I asked, ‘What are you doing?’ and he said, ‘Oh, I’m just sharing,’” Lewis said.

She said she took a few sips after that and blacked out. The rest is hazy. She said she remembers bits and pieces of that night, mostly flashes of herself being carried out to a cab, and him inside her hotel room wearing a black robe with shoulder pads. She said she remembers him on top of her, kissing her, and his breath smelling bad. She said her room was connected to his by a door.

“I remember my clothes being taken off,” she said. “He was kissing my face and then I remember him starting to go down on my body with his face, and then, as soon as he started going down, I just completely blacked out.”

The next morning, she said, she woke up feeling sick and nauseated. Copperfield came in through the connecting door shortly after, she said.

“He wanted to me know that nothing happened because I was underage,” she said. “He said: ‘I didn’t enter you.’”

“There was no fluid but he could have had a condom,” she added.

Be careful out there, guys. The more of these I see, the more and more friendly the sexual consent legal apps are looking…


H/T: The Wrap

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