Give It Up For This Feminist Who Knows That Being A Feminist Doesn’t Mean Berating Men

A feminist we don’t mind supporting.

Every once in a while we get a women who identifies as a feminist who challenges the status quo. Instead of using the label to bash men, as most do, actress Sonakshi Sinha is calling out her fellow feminists for being hypocrites. She says that being a feminist doesn’t mean that you have attack the other gender.

“I feel feminism is all about uplifting one another. It’s not about male bashing and using it to your advantage. You can’t use it as per your convenience,” she said.

“For me, feminism is about helping each other out, uplift each other and support gender equality,” Sinha added.

She also talked about why feminism is often (accurately) portrayed in such a negative light:

“Yes, some people do that. But that’s not what it’s about,” observed Sinha, “A lot of people try and use it to their advantage, and you aren’t supposed to use it to your advantage, but for the upliftment of women.”

She went on to talk about how someone doesn’t need to be a woman to stand for actual equality, like so many feminists claim.

“Today, a man can also be a feminist, if he supports and fights for equality of women. So, it’s not restricted to just women. A feminist can be anyone, regardless of the gender.”

Ok, so I’m not crazy about the word she’s using, but if you substitute that for “someone who stands for actual equality instead of just using their gender as an excuse to bash men,” I’ll get on board with that. First-wave feminism was all about women having equal legal rights with men, which we should all be able to agree on. Unfortunately, the snowflakes today (third-wave feminists) have hijacked that movement and turned it into them wanting crap for free and to oppress men.

We’ve seen a few other women come out against feminists recently, which hopefully means the tides are turning.

Mayim Bialik, costar of the hit show “The Big Bang Theory” and self-proclaimed feminist, just came out with a scathing response to a woman that most feminists almost revere, Linda Sarsour.

Now Linda seems to be a special kind of stupid. In Linda’s mind, it’s absolutely impossible to be a feminist and support Israel.

Now, I want to be clear, I’m not saying I support Israel or Palestine, but saying that “unless you support X, you can’t be Y” is just ludicrous.

Luckily, Mayim Bialik isn’t against calling out ridiculousness on her own side. Check out what she said:

Palestinian feminist/activist Linda Sarsour says you can’t be a Zionist *and* a feminist. I disagree.

Now, I’m going to make an important distinction that she didn’t seem to make, and that’s that I don’t usually see that kind of bigotry coming from your everyday Muslim, but rather from the more radical Islamics. That being said, she has a point.

Feminists defend radical Islamists, even though radical Islam goes contrary to so many things they pretend to care about. I mean, let’s just look at all the times we’ve seen of gays getting thrown off buildings by radicals, or the fact that women can’t even drive cars in some countries!

Women need to stop worrying about pussy hats and fake issues like gender pay gaps, and start focusing on what their movement used to be, equal legal rights.




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