Transgender Feminist Goes Off The Rails

Say what?

In today’s “What The Hell Is Going On” news section, we have a doozy…

Transgender feminist Riley J. Dennis has come out and said, if you have a “genital preference,” meaning you’re not attracted to both penis and vaginas equally, then you’re transphobic.

This nut posted a video last week arguing that if you a guy who likes vaginas, but the idea of dicks just doesn’t do it for you, you’re discriminating against trans people.

“Some people are making the argument that it’s not cissexist at all to only be attracted to people with one kind of genitals,” claims Riley, just before launching into a tirade.

“If you’re a woman who only likes women, go ahead, identify as a lesbian, but some women have penises, and if the fact that some lesbians might be attracted to those women offends you, it’s because you don’t think trans women are real women,” he declares.

Dude, that’s kinda the point…

But this idiot wasn’t done, no sir. He went on.

“I’m trying to show that preferences for women with vaginas over women with penises might be partially informed by the influence of a cissexist society,” Riley continues.

Ok, so lemme get this straight. You think that society, and ultimately, men, are to blame that you weren’t born with a pussy?

From The Daily Wire:

Riley then goes on to explain that preferences might be okay, maybe, sort of, as long as you’re not saying “you would never do something.” The example from the feminist? A man preferring tall girls: “Having a preference for tall girls is fine, but refusing to date anyone under 5’7″ is ridiculous.”

Essentially, unless you’re having sex with or would theoretically want to have sex with a transgender person, you’re transphobic.

It sure takes a lot to be “accepting” these days!

Holy hell, dude. Just because you’re screwed up in the head and have these crazy delusions about how the world works!

At the time of this article, the video has 990 likes on Youtube, and 7,273 dislikes. Well, at least it seems there’s some sanity on YouTube…


And that’s not even the best part, let’s read some of the comments!

Jeff Smith wrote:

Riley I have an idea why don’t you just worry about who you are attracted to and not worry about who others are attracted to.

Javi B said:

Not everyone likes dicks. Not everyone likes vaginas. Nobody has the obligation to find someone attractive.

Sophia Anatolios pointed out:

When it comes to dating, people can be as discriminatory as they want.

Jmax explained:

•A straight guy wants vagina and doesn’t want penis
•A gay guy does want penis but no vagina
•A straight woman wants penis and doesn’t want vagina
•A gay woman wants vagina and doesn’t want penis

So mind blowing, isn’t it?

WarpPipeGaming quipped:

Olympics-tier mental gymnastics.

I never thought I’d have to go to the YouTube comment to find some sanity, but I guess miracles happen!

Check out all the insanity here:

H/T: The Daily Wire




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