Feminist CEO Of Feminist Company Accused Of Doing Very Anti-Feminist Things In The Office

Scratch CEO, she calls herself the SHE-EO.

Whelp, looks like another feminist has cannibalized her own “feminist haven” of a company!

Miki Agrawal, the current “SHE-EO” of THINX, a company that proudly claims to get rid of the patriarchal period “stigma” by inventing “period-proof underwear” has been accused of touching her female employees inappropriately and otherwise sexually harassing them. What’s worse, it seems she’s only been giving raises to men, and she’s been accused of creating a hostile work environment for her staff.

Hmm, that doesn’t sound terribly “empowering” to me.

One funny note, before we jump into all the crazy crap she pulled, we found an interesting image of her on her Twitter with another alleged sexual predator. Birds of a feather?

After an article was published in New York Magazine about the feminist’s activities, we got to read what’s been going on there in great length. According to the article, “the size and shape of her employees’ breasts, an employee’s nipple piercings, her own sexual exploits, her desire to experiment with polyamory, her interest in entering a sexual relationship with one of her employees, and the exact means by which she was brought to female ejaculation.”

Whoaaaaa! Imagine if a man had done this! Not only would there be a magazine article about him, he’d be in some more serious trouble!

The article went on to say that she allegedly “touched an employee’s breasts and asked her to expose them, routinely changed clothes in front of employees, and conducted meetings via video-conference while in bed, apparently unclothed. At least once, she supposedly FaceTimed into a meeting from the toilet.”

Come on, that’s not “progressive” or whatever you want to call it, that sounds more animalistic than anything. She needs to get a hold of herself…

Luckily, a former employee, Chelsea Leibow, filed a complaint to the City of New York Commission on Human Rights. Leibow used to work at THINX as a PR head before she was fired after filing “numerous complaints” about her superior’s ridiculous antics.

She claims that Agrawal was “obsessed” with her breasts, and she would often “help herself” to them.

“I felt that Miki objectified my body when she declared that she was ‘obsessed’ with it and made very detailed comments about my breasts, and it also seemed like a way for Miki to assert her dominance over female employees by simply doing whatever she wanted to do without asking, and showing she could get away with it,” Leibow said in an interview.

“I didn’t say anything to her at the time,” she added. “If you’ve ever been touched without your consent, you know it’s jarring.”

This woman, according to these complains, regularly exposed herself at work. She would change in her glass walled office, or just in general open work areas. they even mentioned that it was “common for Agrawal to conduct such meetings while audibly or visibly using the toilet.”

Wow, so according to feminists, “the patriarchy” is the problem in the working world. If that’s true, how do they explain all this?

Oh wait, probably because they somehow didn’t have a human resource department.  Yikes!

I don’t care how “empowering” their product is supposed to be, this women is scum of the Earth.





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