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Jordan Peterson Leaves Reporter Speechless During Trans Debate – “You got me!”


Canadian professor Jordan Peterson was called to debate Channel 4 reporter Cathy Newman on the issue of transgender rights, and he actually handled her nonsense so well that he actually left her speechless at one point.

It’s a very lengthy segment, so I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorites.

(If you want to watch the full 30-minute debate, I’ll embed it at the bottom of the page. It’s well worth it, if you have the time.)

During the debate, one of the points of contention was surrounding a law which makes using the wrong gender pronouns a criminal act.

Ms. Newman said: “You got in trouble for refusing to call trans men and women by their preferred personal pronouns.”

Mr. Peterson was quick to correct the reporter, saying: “That’s not actually true. I got in trouble because I said that I would not follow the compelled speech dictates of the federal and provincial Government.

“I actually never got in trouble for not calling anyone anything.”

When Ms. Newman challenged how he could justify his right to free speech over a trans person’s right to not be offended (lol) he quickly shot back a response that was so well put that it left her with nothing to say.

He said: “Because in order to be able to think you have to risk being offensive. Look at the conversation we are having right now.

“You are certainly willing to risk offending me in the pursuit of truth, why should you have the right to do that?

“It’s been rather uncomfortable.”

He added: “You’re doing what you should do, but you’re exercising your freedom of speech to certainly risk offending me. And that’s fine. More power to you, as far as I’m concerned.”

When the reporter noticeably had no retort readily available, he said: “Ha! Gotcha.”

Ms. Newman admitted: “You have got me, you have got me. I’m trying to work that out in my head. It took a while.”


Honestly, that’s just one point of many that came out of this debate. If you have the time, watch the full 30-minute debate below:

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