HuffPo Shares 12 Enlightening Reasons Why Basically Every Halloween Costume Is Offensive

It seems like everything these days is offensive. No matter how hard you try (although, let’s be honest, I don’t try), the PC police are ready to take you down any time you open your mouth.

So it’s a good thing we have The Huffington Post to call us out on our “offensiveness” and keep us in line!

In a recent column entitled, “Let Us Tell You Why These Halloween Costumes Are Offensive. Because Ignorance Is Spooky” (which does not sound self-righteous at all), HuffPo runs through a list of every conceivable “offensive” costume and enlightens us as to why we’re basically Ted Bundy if we even think about wearing any of them.

“Please remember these basic rules,” the article begins, “1. Most cultures prefer not to have their rich history reduced to drunken pageantry. 2. Commentary about women’s bodies should not be purchased in a clear plastic bag at a local Halloween warehouse store. 3. Mocking serious social issues of our time will just make you seem like an elitist a-hole.”

Sounds like we’re in for a real fun time!

Author Robbie Couch then proceeds to shit on basically every Halloween costume ever conceived of.

Apparently we can’t dress up as anybody who doesn’t share our skin tone (and even if they do, perpetuating any stereotypes would be racist, so still no), anyone who doesn’t share our gender (although, if you’re a “trans woman” and want to dress up as a man is that okay?), a homeless person, a mental patient, or a “fat” or “sexy” anything.

“If you’re dressed like this guy on Oct. 31,” Couch writes, referring to a picture of a Native American, “you’re probably part of the problem.”

Okay, Robbie…

I mean, what’s left? A clown? That seems like a terrible idea given the recent creepy clown craze. And I’m sure Robbie would find a way to make that offensive too. (Clown Lives Matter!)

The point of Halloween is to dress up as something you’re not and go out and have a good time (or at least dress up as something slutty and do the same thing).

Can some costumes go too far? Sure. But when you start finding offense at literally everything, you might as well just stay home.

For all our sakes, I hope that’s exactly what Robbie intends to do this Halloween.

H/T: DownTrend

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