Madonna Thinks Posing Topless Will Make You Vote For Hillary

I’m definitely voting for Trump now!

Katy Perry made the news a few days ago for voting naked in a Funny or Die video, so naturally Madonna took that as her cue to strip down in the name of democracy too.

Are those grills?? 

Nobody wants to see that!

The old hag singer says she’s voting for Clinton because she wants “equal rights for women and all minorities” (because we all know that’s exactly what Hillary’s gonna give us…).

And apparently this photo is just the first in a series. My eyes are gonna need a whole lotta bleach after this…

It’s time to face the music, Madonna – no amount of Photoshop will make us forget you’re old and wrinkly and irrelevant.

Well, I’m definitely voting for Trump now!

H/T: The Daily Caller

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