Best Bloke In Australia

This guy is a legend!

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you definitely need to. Everybody needs a friend like James Lord in their life.

Australian comedy duo and radio hosts Hamish & Andy decided to pull a prank on their show to see if they could get a complete stranger to give one of them a glowing job recommendation.

Hamish first called a random number – which happened to be James’ – and told him he needed another reference on his job application and wanted to see if James would be willing to give him a good recommendation. When James agreed Hamish hung up, and about 10 minutes later Andy called, pretending to be from the company.

It turns out James might be the bullshitter to end all bullshitters! The comedy team couldn’t believe how far he took his lie – and for a complete stranger no less!

Check it out below:


Hamish & Andy declared James “Australia’s best bloke” and asked him to come on their show. They had one last test for him to see if he really deserved his title, and as you can see below, he passed with flying colors.


Cheers to you James Lord! You, good sir, are most certainly a legend.

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