UK University Plans On Fighting The (Nonexistent) Wage Gap By Giving Women Free Money

Maybe this is why people actually switch genders…

Woman in a UK university will now be paid 12% more than their male counterparts for working the same exact job.  This is in an effort to combat the (nonexistent) wage gap.

The university is planning on giving it’s female staff a one time salary hike.

Forget the fact that female staff are more likely to work in less demanding professions and less likely to be good negotiators, it is obviously patriarchy or discrimination that is causing the problem.

From the BBC:

A UK university is giving its female professors a one-off salary hike to wipe out the gender pay gap with their male colleagues.

The University of Essex is raising female professors’ pay, to bring their average salaries level with the men.

It comes as UK pay data analysis by the Times Higher Education says full-time female academics are paid 11% less than men.

Essex said the move was motivated by “impatience” for change over the issue.

Vice-chancellor Anthony Forster said other steps dedicated to improving women’s promotion chances had failed to close the pay gap at professorial level.

He said: “Treating our staff with equal respect and dignity is at the very core of our values as a diverse and inclusive community.

“This decision ensures we reward people in a fair way, based upon their contribution to our community, regardless of their personal characteristics.”

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