London Mayor’s ‘Brilliant’ Initiative To Not Offend People

“Being fat isn’t a choice!”

London’s newly elected, first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, is in the headlines after proposing to ban ads featuring “body shaming”, also known as hot girls on billboards

You know, because someone might get offended seeing a skinny (sorry, “unrealistic”) girl on an advert.

Khan used the old “think of the children” excuse when further pressed on his policy proposal.

From the Sun:

“Khan’s first major act as Mayor is some censorship, having pledged, like a puritanical Boy Scout, to ban body-shaming adverts on public transport.

You’ll recall this is a row sparked by last year’s Protein World ad, in which a girl in a bikini, right, asked: “Are You Beach Body Ready?” and 378 complained. And apparently Khan writes ­legislation based on 400 people being mildly annoyed.

beach body

That, and his rules for his kids.

Trying to justify this ridiculous act of oppression, Khan said: “As the father of two teenage girls, I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising.”

As if that makes it OK that I, a grown woman, now have to live as if Khan was my dad.”

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