University Lecture On Equality Bans Straight, White Men

Seems fair.

The University and College Union (UCU) In Liverpool has banned straight, white, able-bodied men from attending a series of lectures on equality.

Sorry boys, you obviously can’t be helpful in an equality discussion or even begin to understand it.

From Pink News:

“They said they had reached their decision because they want members who attend the conference to be able to demonstrate their “protected characteristics” and to ensure a safe space was preserved.

The lectures will cover four different topics: ethnic, disabled, LGBT and female fights for equality. Activists arranging the lectures have said that people who do not fall into the category will be unable to attend even if they have been elected by their union branch.

At the UCU congress meeting in Liverpool last week a motion to allow anybody to attend the lectures was proposed, but dismissed. This motion was the only one not to pass at the conference.


Concerns that the sessions would be dominated with people with no personal experience on matters relating to equality were raised by Dr Doyle. She said: “We see in the union movement that some voices are far louder than others.”

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