College Feminists Are Outraged Over A Statue, Say It Depicts “Mansplaining”

The triggering is real with this one.

Mansplainging: The Statue

That’s what Twitter warriors are calling a sculpture showing a man talking to a woman on a bench. Yup, that’s all it takes to cause outrage these days.

The story went viral after a student at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Diego spotted this statue and got triggered enough that she had to run back to her car and grab her phone, instead of go to class.

From NYTimes:

Over Memorial Day weekend, a photo of a sculpture on a Texas college campus went viral on Twitter. The sculpture seen in the photo depicts a man with his leg propped up on a bench while talking to a woman seated with her legs crossed at the other end of the bench and an open book resting on her lap. It was shared thousands of times and retweeted by numerous influential Twitter users after a woman in New York retroactively applied the “mansplaining” concept to the work of art.

The first person to post it was Cathy de la Cruz from Brooklyn, New York, who uses the handle @SadDiego. De la Cruz, who as of this writing has a modest 749 followers on the social media platform, posted the photo at 5:16 p.m. on Friday with the pithy headline, “A friend spotted this in Texas: #Mansplaining The Statue.” Within minutes, the tweeted photo was a viral sensation.

“The sculpture just screamed mansplaining,” Hernandez said in an email to Women in the World. She had to snap a photo of it, she said, but since she wasn’t allowed to bring electronic devices into the testing facility, she was forced to run back to her car to grab her smartphone.

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