No Feminists, The Gender Pay Gap Does Not Exist

Equal pay for equal work.

By now, you’ve probably heard the statistic that women earn between 77-78 cents on the dollar compared to what men earn. However, with just a little bit of research and some logic, it can easily be proven that the statistics are misguiding.

Contrary to what die-hard feminists would have you believe, the wage gap has nothing to do with a misogynistic culture in American businesses. In actuality, it is the result of the different career choices that men and women make, such as the hours they work or the specific occupation they choose.

Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post has composed a great rebuttal to those who continue to believe the myth that women are indeed constant victims of discrimination in the workplace.

One large factor is that women statistically choose lower-paying fields of work. Citing two lists, Kessler shows that nine of the 10 highest-paying fields are dominated by men, and that nine of the 10 lowest-paying fields are dominated by women.

Contrary to the beliefs that patriarchy forces women to choose lower-paying jobs, the numbers support that women, in fact, choose the careers they prefer, they just happen to not be as lucrative as the ones chosen by men.

Another factor, according to Mark J. Perry of the conservative American Enterprise Institute, shows that different lifestyle choices among women contribute to the gap in pay. For example, women who are married or have kids make less on average than men. While feminists again cite patriarchal discrimination, for this reason, women are free to choose the flexible careers that let them care for children. Nobody forces them to work these positions.

Lisa Maatz, a spokeswoman for the American Association of University Women, has confirmed that there is indeed no evidence that actually supports discrimination as the reason women earn less than men. When asked about how the wage gap is due to discrimination, she responded, “We’re still trying to figure that out.”


Once you start to a dig a little deeper, it is fairly obvious that discrimination plays no role in why women are paid less than men. It simply comes down to the choices they make when deciding on a career. No one forces you into a career choice so there really isn’t any excuses for bitching about how little you are paid. If feminist were so concerned about making more money they wouldn’t major in fields with low paying opportunities.

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