[VIDEO] Bill Maher Goes On Epic Rant That Perfectly Exposes Feminist Stranglehold On Society

You tell them Bill.

Feminists don’t like this guy, and for good reason.  What makes Bill Maher so dangerous to them is the fact that he’s not bound by their spell – he doesn’t buy what they’re constantly trying to sell.

Far from it, he openly advocates against the “feminization” of the United States of America. And the cherry on top?  Well, that would have to be the fact that he’s a liberal, and he’s definitely not afraid to say it.

You see, feminists are used to getting criticized by the right, but when “one of their own” criticizes them, it’s full-panic mode time.

So here you go.  When you see this video, you’ll see exactly why Mr. Maher is constantly being attacked by liberals.

It’s pretty safe to say that Bill definitely hit the nail on the head here.


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