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Look Who Was Just Put In Charge As Sec Of State Responsible For ‘Equality Between Genders’

Enough to make you laugh.

A woman described by a French magazine as “a militant women’s rights blogger” for the Huffington Post in France has just been given a major position in the new French government.

Her position? “Secretary of State in charge of Equality between Women and Men.”

I can’t even begin to imagine how long the name/title plate on her desk is.

Marlène Schiappa, a 34-year-old feminist writer, was one of the many, many appointments that newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron made after winning the election in early May.

After her title was announced she retweeted a message that read “the trolls will weep.”

(If anyone who’s French wants to tell me what the rest of that says, by the way, I’d greatly appreciate it. Best translation software can make of it is: “Good luck to @MarleneSchiappa! Good connoisseur of the “file”, and of an angel patience on the networks.”)

Schiappa first appeared in the French media after starting a feminist blog targeted towards mothers called “Maman Travaille” in 2008.

On her site she writes all kinds of feminist dribble, like “From the age of 13, I lived with my sister at my father’s. We lived in a city and the idea was to make him understand that for us, going out on the street was not the same as for him.”

Her goal for her blog was to fight against “the mother ceiling”, and to “improve the combination work-family life through gender equality in all spheres, the home to the world of work.”

According to a translation from Lemonde.Fr:

“The new Secretary of State has become a journalist, columnist, organizer of events linked to her network, lobbyist, author of fifteen books devoted to women’s rights (one of the last of which deals with the culture of rape). For her the reputation of knowing her subject and of being able to show tenacity. “I often take my daughters to meetings at Le Mans town hall and I do not ask for advice from others, ” she told Madame Figaro in December 2015. ” It may sound rude, but the meetings are held at 6:00 pm Worse time for me: they go out of school and my husband has not returned. But if people do not play the game by setting up earlier meetings, I do not play the game either and I arrive with my two children.””

So in other words, she just fulfilled Tumblr’s dream. She didn’t do anything but bitch on the internet about rape culture, how the world is tough on women, and other nonsense, and then got promoted to a place of power in the national government where she can undoubtedly make life hard on men in retaliation.

I mean, come on, she has no government experience! How is someone who’s only run a blog fit to run a national department.This is absolutely ridiculous.

Now excuse me, I’m going to apply to be the head of the new French “Ministry of Truth.”

H/T: Lemonde.Fr

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