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Fraternity Plans Anti-Rape Event, So The University’s Women’s Center Cancels It

Yes, you read that right.

One of the reasons that the SJW movement is “all bark and no bite” is because they turn on people who want to actually make a difference if they aren’t “one of them.” Today we have an example of just that.

A fraternity at University of Arizona tried to host an event that would raise awareness and help prevent rape, along with other forms of violence. The event, called “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes”, would feature men walking in heels to raise money to combat these important issues.

You’d think, since their supposed goals aligned, that the University’s Women’s Resource Center would be delighted. You’d be wrong.

From Heat Street:

“The University of Arizona Women’s Resource Center has cancelled a “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” march by one the university fraternities because it thought the event to raise awareness about rape was “sarcastic”, “homophobic, transphobic, and sexist.”

Just like other fraternities at universities around the country, the Upsilon Alpha Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity at The University of Arizona (AEPi Arizona) tried to organize a “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” event – an international march done by men wearing high heels that raises awareness for – and prevent – rape, sexual assault and gender violence.

Jack Kaplan, AEPi’s philanthropy chair, contacted the Women’s Resource Center to advise about the planned event, offering to join it. He said that “as an organization” they “genuinely appreciate the efforts that you make and we would like to help your cause.”

See the email below:




But last Tuesday, just four days before the event, Kaplan was contacted by Krista Millay, the director of the Women’s Resource Center. He was referred to as a “Fratboy” and told that “what he was doing was homophobic, transphobic and sexist.” He was also told that the Center thought the event was “sarcastic” and will have “no positive impact on anybody in any community.”

According to a student publication, Total Frat Move, in response to AEPI philanthropy chair’s email Milley also told Arizona’s Greek Life office that he sounded like he was “begging to be thanked”. It was also claimed that his fraternity didn’t care about sexual assault.

Heat Street has approached The University of Arizona Women’s Resource Center for a comment.”

H/T: Heat Street

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