[VIDEO] “Big Red” Is the Most Annoying Feminist in the World

I think my ears are bleeding.

The University of Toronto is one of the best colleges in Canada…but it’s also where you might find “Big Red” roaming the streets.

Big Red rose to prominence when a video surfaced of her squealing in the street under the guise of “teaching people about feminism.”

The video starts off with Chanty Binx (aka Big Red) arguing with men’s rights activists.  The first lovely thing we hear is:

“If you’d shut the fuck up and let me read the list, there’s the fucking proof.”

A surefire way to win people over to your side in an argument.

Well, Big Red wasn’t done there.  She wen’t on a six minute rant about feminist bullshit (and I had to listen to her annoying voice for all of it to write this shit).

There were plenty of other stupid things she said, but I don’t think we have the server space to write them all down, so I’ll just leave you with a sentence that should explain her thought process in a few words.

“Patriarchy, patriarchy, shut the fuck up, fucking listen.”

What do you think?

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