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Salon’s Latest Sexist Stunt Just Made Them Admit They Discriminated Against Men

Surprise, surprise…

Feminism: An idea that was great at first, but was taken way too far.

When feminists first started out, they had an admirable goal – equality before the law. In essence, they just wanted the same legal rights as men, such as to vote, hold property, etc.

Unfortunately, after they achieved their goals, some women decided that equality wasn’t quite far enough. Instead, they wanted special treatment.

This eventually gave birth to the third-wave feminist, the crazy nut jobs we know today.

If you’re looking for an example of this, look no further than local feminist activist Veronica Hughes. Hughes was shocked to learn something her gender studies classes had not taught her: discrimination against men was still in fact discrimination. She read countless arguments from men about male discrimination but she turned her nose up and decided to ignore those.

“They would be a minority of all discrimination if it did happen,” she had told herself.

She sat in shock as she realized that discrimination definitely included men. No gender studies class had prepared her for this. No Gloria Steinem book had ever mentioned this before.

“It’s only supposed to be about women and minorities,” she lamented at her computer desk. “Men are too privileged to be discriminated against.” In a fit of rage, she poured through her old gender studies textbooks from college. They had collected dust since she graduated and started working at the local coffee shop, but she was sure an answer could be found to counter against the civil rights lawyers. They had to be wrong.

Her sense of pride and righteousness of when the local theatre was showcasing an only women viewing had deflated, and replaced with a feeling of defeat.  Women had finally something to celebrate about and feel empowered after many years of being discriminated against. A movie viewing exclusively for women was supposed to be a win, a cause to drink the delicious male tears that cried out. They were just butt hurt.

“But they were right.” She nearly tore her neon green hair out at the thought. “They cannot win this one. Women need a victory too!”

Her books told her nothing about discrimination against men, only that discrimination laws included everyone. Veronica never figured that would include men as well since they had never been discriminated like women had been in history. All meant all.

“Men included.” She could barely finish the sentence. She sat in disbelief as she realized her friends and trusted new sites had been absolutely wrong about it. Veronica wondered if maybe she should study law and see if she could improve her knowledge on civil rights and to make sure no discrimination happened on her watch. As a feminist and humanitarian it was up to her that no injustice got away Scot free.

She gathered that going to law school would be the best way to do that, but she would need more than a gender studies degree to get in.

“Stupid patriarchy.”

She made it her goal to get a law degree and fight for justice. But only if white men paid for it though.

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