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Early Childhood Activist’s Plan to “Fix” Father’s Day is Beyond Ridiculous

Daddy issues alert…

There seem to be activists for everything nowadays.

Are you a female who claims that there’s an imaginary wage gap, you’re making way less than men, movies don’t have enough strong female characters (and when they do, they’re not good enough), and basically everything is rape? Well, you’d be the annoying kind of “activist” called a “feminist.”

Are you convinced that conventional science is a sham and that there’s actually hundreds of genders, even though, simultaneously, there’s no such thing as gender? Do you pitch a fit if the new James Bond isn’t black or the new Doctor Who isn’t trans? Well, you’d be the annoying kind of “activist” called an “SJW” (Social Justice Warrior.)

Are you someone who’s also convinced that conventional science is a sham and insists that your morbidly obese lifestyle and overeating problem is actually incredibly healthy (even though in reality, it will put you into an early, but not particularly shallow, grave)? Well, Well, you’d be the annoying kind of “activist” called a “body positivity activist.”

Well, today you’re going to learn about a kind of activist that (I hope) you’ve never heard of: an early childhood activist.

Meet Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet (which she insists is her real name) from Australia.

To start off with, she looks like she’s missing her audition for some sort of role in a children’s daytime TV show, and she definitely doesn’t look like someone I’d trust around my kids.

Dr. Scarlet is an early child activist that’s insisting that the annual holiday “Father’s Day” needs to be renamed. Why, you might ask? Well, according to her, the name “Father’s Day” offends children without fathers, and it needs to be changed to “Special Person’s Day.”

So made it clear that she has no clue why people don’t seem to understand how important it is.

“Why are we calling this political correctness when in fact it’s about our rights?” Dr. Scarlet told Today Tonight.

“There’s a lot of Australian research that has actually informed a lot of international research … that has demonstrated children’s capacity to be really inclusive once they know about these ideas and they think, ‘Wow, why are people seeing this as a controversy?'”

She went on to say that families without fathers actually agreed with this idea.

“We have single parent families, satellite families, extended families, lesbian and gay families,” she said.

“There’s a range of different communities across Australia.”

Luckily, New South Wales Liberal minister David Elliott called this what it really is, “rubbish.”

He said that if people caved into this kind of insanity, it would only incite even more extremists to come forwards with their crazed ideologies.

“Can’t believe that someone who professes to be ‘enlightened’ would advocate such crap,” he said.

“People still celebrate fatherhood even after their father and grandfathers have passed away, in fact for many people Father’s Day is a wonderful time of reflecting and remembering.”

It makes me wonder how she feels about changing “Mother’s Day”, or if it’s just men she sees as the problem.


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