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PETA Just Found The Most Sexist Food: ‘To End Sexism, You Should Stop Eating…’

They’ve officially lost it…

So our favorite animal rights organization, PETA, has tried to start a social media stir once again, and this time the reason is truly insane.

They’ve always been an organization that did strange things in the name of their cause.

Once, they sponsored a “Make-Out Tour”, where, according to their site, “two PETA members — a U.S. marine and Iraq War vet wearing only boxer shorts and a raven-haired beauty decked out in sexy lingerie — will passionately make out in a bed in order to make the point that vegetarians are better lovers.”

Another time, they launched a  “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign, where they claimed, “like the Jews murdered in concentration camps, animals are terrorized when they are housed in huge filthy warehouses and rounded up for shipment to slaughter. The leather sofa and handbag are the moral equivalent of the lampshades made from the skins of people killed in the death camps.”

Now, they’ve just made an equally ridiculous claim, PETA has recently declared cheese to be sexist.

According to them, cheese is the product of rape, kidnapping, abuse, and a slew of other vile deeds. Be sure to tell little Johnny that his grilled cheese he’s having for lunch today perpetuates a wheel of evil.

PETA is known for equivocating animal rights with human rights (although, some accusations of their own treatment of animals may question how far they take that). Apparently ending dairy farms is tantamount to ending sex trafficking and slavery. Oh, the calamity. Female cows are artificially inseminated (PETA: raped) when they’re biologically ready in order to impregnate them and produce milk for dairy products. If they really wanted to be humane, I suppose they should have taken them out to dinner first.

Yes, the process is certainly not a pretty one. It may be nightmare inducing for someone with the mentality of a kindergartener on a field-trip to the local farm. The dairy industry may be a reason for someone to not want to eat anymore. Okay, fair, but is it sexist? As PETA proposes, is the dairy industry sexist against female cows?

Certainly not.

The dairy industry is an equal opportunity meat grinder. Male calves are killed more than female calves because they aren’t as economically useful since they cannot be dairy cows. Males are not as needed since farmers can use artificial insemination (plus, bulls can actually harm the cows). Farmers use pheromones on bulls to acquire and collect their semen (I dare you to look that process up) if they don’t order the sperm from somewhere else. Older dairy cows are killed for meat after several years and no longer producing milk. So, pray tell, are they still sexist against female cows?

It is fine to have moral and ethical problems with how we get our dairy, but let’s not pretend it is completely one-sided “sexism.” It is disingenuous and seems to make one think that PETA and their ilk only care about female animal species. Gee, that’s rather humane of an animal rights group.

There are dark sides to all food industries. The precious hipsters’ avocados support cartels in Mexico, McNuggets are made from the crushed dreams and hopes of employees, and lettuce may be ruining the environment. So, yes, one can go for vegan alternatives, but are they always ethically better?

Perhaps ignorance is bliss, like cheeseburgers and beer at a summer cookout.

So go have some grilled cheese, Stalin.

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