Model Strips Down To Her Underwear To Teach Us A Lesson… Again

Now, I’m beginning to think she just wants attention.

As if her subway stunt wasn’t enough, Iskra Lawrence is trying once again to get attention through her campaign to convince women of all sizes that they’re “healthy”… by looking at her.

Look, Iskra, the women that are ranting about body positivity typically don’t look like you. You’re not actually doing anything to help that “cause.”

From The Daily Mail:

“She recently dramatically stripped off on the subway to protest against body shaming.

And on Wednesday, curvy model Iskra Lawrence was back in her underwear – using a social media snapshot to hit out against photoshopping images.

The 26-year-old star shows off her figure in a white bra and pink pants with a checked shirt placed over her shoulder.

‘If you follow me, you already know I just want you to believe there is no such thing as perfect,’ she wrote alongside the snapshot in a long accompanying caption.

‘I used to see photoshopped images and think well if they think I’m more beautiful with no lil rolls, cellulite or my thread veins then those are flaws, and I shouldn’t have them. WTFFFFFF??? there’s nothing wrong with any of those things.

‘I refuse to airbrush my own body on social media cus I know my beauty is more than skin deep – that my worth and value isn’t based on how “perfect” I am.

‘This body makes me proud because it’s healthy and all mine that it allows me to do so much.’

The blonde beauty then goes on to thank fans for their support over her 13 year modelling career.

‘I’m grateful I have all of you to connect w & create images I’m proud of cus (sic) they are real / not retouched,’ she wrote.

The new snap comes after Iskra’s dramatic strip on a New York subway train leaving commuters more than a little surprised.

The curvaceous beauty took off her dress to deliver a powerful speech about body shaming, leaving those close by not knowing quite where to look.

And after the model had passionately implored them to ‘celebrate difference’, they gathered themselves long enough to break out in applause.”

H/T The Daily Mail

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