Feminists At Huffington Post Make Shocking Admission After Hillary’s Election Defeat

They thought they had it in the bag…

After the stunning loss to Hillary Clinton, feminists at The Huffington Post are admitting defeat, in a turn of events that nobody saw coming, they have declared that “Liberal feminism has failed.” Seriously, we couldn’t believe it either. Music to a meninists ears…

From the Huffington Post:

If second wave feminism had something to deliver to the next and future generation of feminists, it was a woman to the highest office of the land. And last week, it failed.

Yes, there are several reasons why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the electoral college, but as a third wave intersectional feminist, figuring out what happened with women is the only one that I care about right now.

In addition to issues like reproductive choice and equal pay for equal work, one of the core tenets of liberal feminism is the idea that women deserve and should have access to power and be in powerful positions. For the last 50 years, feminists have worked to change laws, shifted the culture and dominant narrative about women in the workforce, and trained and encouraged women to seek political office. However, none of this foundational work was enough to get Hillary Clinton elected. Here’s why:

The Women who Chose Race over Gender

A majority, 54 percent, of women voters voted for Hillary Clinton. However, fifty-three percent of white women across class and education levels voted for Donald Trump….

Strong Feminist Institutions have all but Disappeared

In 1966 the National Organization for Women (NOW) was founded to advance women’s rights in both the public and private spheres of life. At its peak, the organization boasted more than 550 chapters and a robust budget that among other things helped to pass landmark legislation such as Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act. The organization was also a major influencer in national and state level politics. Today, this is not the case. The National Headquarters is struggling to stay afloat with a budget of less than $1million. And presumably, local NOW affiliates lacked either the funds or the muscle to mobilize a significant number of voters to tilt the race in Clinton’s favor.

Here at Meninist, we think it’s great that radical feminists are starting to realize that nobody likes or wants to listen to them. In this regard, the election of Donald Trump may end up being a stunning accomplishment for all of mankind.

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