Lesbian Wins Child Support Payments From Athlete Girlfriend, Goes Back to Dating Men

Only Proving Men Are Better

It was back in April when Brittney Griner finally agreed to pay the child support for the Twins she ‘fathered’ with her estranged wife Glory Johnson.

“Griner will start paying Johnson $2,516 in child support beginning May 1. Griner – who the court found is making $1.1 million a year – will also pay 90 percent of Johnson’s childcare costs, or an extra $2,835 a month for two nannies. Griner’s childcare contribution will decrease as the girls get older, according to the hearing minutes. She’ll also have to pay Johnson $8,505 in back childcare expenses.”

Shortly after that agreement, Glory Johnson didn’t waste any time, quickly going back to dating men.  According to Daily Mail Online:

“After a year of turmoil, it looks like Glory has bounced back well and is now happily in love with a new beau — a MAN this time. Glory is currently canoodling with a 30-year-old man named Christopher Fry, who still lives at home with his parents apparently.”

The couple appear to have been involved for several months. On February 1, she had shared a picture of Fry holding her daughter, Ava Simone, with the caption: ‘Can you spot the #ManBun? #AvaSimone Loves it!!!’”


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