Dude Who Owns New York’s Tallest Skyscraper Admits To City’s ‘Penis Envy’ Obsession

So that’s what all those tall buildings mean…

I’m pretty sure we had all suspected this before, but now we finally have confirmation. Harry Macklowe is the owner of New York’s tallest residential skyscraper and he just admitted it! As reported by the Daily Mail, Macklowe revealed that New York City’s obsession with tall buildings is due to a ‘certain amount of penis envy.’

He said it, not me. But are you seriously telling me that dudes in New York are trying to out-skyscraper each other because they feel inferior down there? Call me crazy, but I seriously think there’s better ways than spending billions of dollars to compensate for your manhood.

Go climb a mountain, plan a crazy trip to Vegas…for goodness sake, do anything else other than try to have the tallest building in New York. Call me old-fashioned, but that comes off as a little too desperate and obvious to me.

Besides, we all know that no matter how tall your skyscraper is, you’ll never surpass the elegance and beauty of Washington D.C.’s Washington Monument. Never!

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