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Last Week Showed The Clearest Problem With Modern Day Feminism So Far

What a bunch of hypocrites…

Feminists and SJWs have always been very quick to criticize those in opposing camps when they get into their heads that the opposition has done something wrong, but are hypocritically slow at times to criticize those in their own camp who practice some of these same practices. Recently, we’ve seen one of these examples come out of the state of Michigan, where a doctor is allegedly performing female genital mutilation (FMG) on a number of young girls.

For some reason *cough cough HYPOCRISY cough* they’ve completely ignored the actions of the female ER doctor Jumana Nagarwala, who has been performing FGM procedures in the U.S. According to the Department of Justice, Nagarwala has been performing these operations on “multiple minor girls,” and has been the first person in American history to be charged under the anti-FGM laws prohibiting the operation on minors that were put in place in 1997.

Oddly enough, the outcry you would expect from feminists and SJWs on social media hasn’t been nearly as strong as one would think it would have been. The publications that would normally be howling about cases like this, Slate, Salon, Huffington Post, etc, have been uncharacteristically quiet, giving it little to no attention at all.

According to The Daily Caller:

Shannon Watts, the anti-gun activist and fake feminist who blindly screamed sexism at United Airlines when it had done nothing wrong, has said nothing. It’s a lot easier to claim a corporation is, as Watts put it, “sexist and sexualizes young girls,” than it is for her to fight against actual sexualization of young girls when their genitals are being cut off. Perhaps that’s because with the former, Watts doesn’t need to do anything aside from tweet, and with the latter, she does.

Sarah Silverman and Chrissy Teigen, both of whom declared they would stop giving United their business, haven’t tweeted anything about Nagarwala.

Linda Sarsour, who organized the Women’s March on Washington, was silent until someone brought it up in reply to her tweet saying “Absolute nightmare” about Trump bombing Afghanistan. She offered a lackluster “I sure do” when asked if she wept for the girls in Michigan. Sarsour said nothing else about it, even though multiple people tweeted the story at her.

Loud-and-proud feminists Lena Dunham, Cecile Richards and Ashley Judd have also stayed quiet. “One of us can be dismissed. Two of us can be ignored. But together we are a movement and we are unstoppable,” Richards said…”

There are many theories one could create as to why they haven’t spoken out against this, but my personal theory is that it conflicts with their views on immigrants.

Now, I’ll first start by saying I’m very pro-immigration, and I believe it’s not only beneficial to us economically, but that there are social benefits as well. That being said, I’m not so blindly pro-immigrant that I can’t criticize people who have chosen to move here when they do something that I see as wrong.

Feminists, if someone’s doing wrong, they should be called out, whether they’re someone in “your camp” or a group that you’ve been defending. If you’re not consistent, you’re being hypocritical, and you call your entire movement into question.

Equality means that people should be treated equally. If you’re going to stamp your feet over an idea, you at least need to follow it.

H/T: The Daily Caller

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