WATCH: Santa’s Parachute Landing At Christmas Festival Did Not Go As Planned

“Here comes Santa.”

When I first saw this, I was wondering if this was part of a publicity stunt for the newly released Billy Bob Thornton film, Bad Santa 2, or maybe even new footage being recorded for next year’s Bad Santa 3.

Nope, not even close. Apparently, Santa jumping out of a helicopter and landing near a large gathering of men, women, and most importantly, children, is a big part of Quincy, MA’s Christmas festivities.

Here’s to hoping that he gets all healed up soon! He has a big job to do in just under 3 weeks, we’re all relying on him!

From Barstool Sports:

“Look, do I feel bad laughing at this? Yeah, I do.* I feel terrible. But, c’mon man, what the fuck do you want me to do here? If you don’t want me laughing at your misfortune then don’t wear a Santa suit because that shit makes everything ten billion times funnier. A regular dude laying on the ground in a neck brace after his skydiving accident isn’t funny, Santa laying on the ground in a neck brace after his skydiving accident is hysterical.


PS – Love the commentary so fucking much, it might be my favorite part. “Santa’s coming in a little short.” Uhhhh, ya think?

*Honestly I really don’t. I know I should, I’m aware that feelings are things I should feel, but I just don’t.”

These Facebook responses are killing me:

Shane Crawford: Christmas is canceled you little shits…

Ben Murray: Could be worse. Could have hit some power lines and fried. Kids would have loved that………….

David Ferrini: Oh you better watch out you better not cry , you better not pout I’m telling you why….. Santa Clause is coming in short

John Patete: “Mom….Santa said F*ck”

Gerard Thompson: As God as my witness, I thought Santa could fly…

Now to Twitter:

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