Can We Give It Up For Jennifer Aniston Admitting She Had A 4-Way On A Plane?

Jen Aniston from left field.

During the boring news cycle of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorcing, there’s some news out there we might actually care about. Jennifer Aniston has come out and said that she’s not only in the mile high club, but she had a sexy 4-way in an airplane in the cockpit!

What lucky ducks. I mean, look at her, Jennifer Aniston seems to be ageless! At the age of 47, the TV and movie star looks younger than a lot of actresses in their early 30s. The fact that she’s still got it at that age is nothing short of miraculous!

From Barstool Sports:

“I am now officially in the Christmas mood. You never know exactly when the spirit of the season is going to hit you and fill your heart with joy and wonder. But it just happened to me. It’s only December 1st, but Jennifer Aniston admitting that she’s done a four-way in the cockpit of a plane with the pilot, co-pilot and one of the stewardi is making my small, Grinchy wang grow three sizes.

And you have to hand it to Aniston. She could just go up there in front of that audience of hausfraus and do the typical celebrity happy talk. But she never stops trying to up her hotness quotient. She’s like the Roger Clemens of Hollywood dimepieces. She burst onto the scene with an MVP season, stayed at the top of her game for a while, dipped a little bit, probably used artificial means to get back on top, and then set records for performance and longevity. You can argue she would have been a Hall of Famer without the enhancers. But at the same time you have to admire someone who says greatness isn’t good enough.

Watch her interview here:

Take for example, her performance in “Meet the Millers,” a good 20 years after she made her debut on “Friends”:

And now she goes out and tells a daytime audience of millions of shut-ins that she loves to slut it up in airplanes. That kind of drive is what true legends are all about.”

H/T: Barstool Sports

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