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Brewery Launches Social Justice Campaign… Can’t Wait To See How This Turns Out

If you like craft beer paired with lectures on social justice, you’re in luck.

So basically this brewery doesn’t want to sell any beers…

Seriously, if you’re on a night out with a girl, are you going to buy an expensive beer in a can that makes the girl start thinking about sexual assault? Those aren’t images you want running through her mind as you’re trying to seal the deal, and guys aren’t going to shoot themselves in the foot by buying a beer that’ll kill the mood.

For Heat St:

“If you like your craft beer best when it’s paired with lectures on social justice, you’re in luck. The Australian company Sparkke Change Beverage has plastered its cans with woke progressive messages in an effort to really wake up the sheeple.

The company’s chief brewer and co-owner, Agi Gajic, has worked with famous Sydney brewing company Young Henrys and is really good at what she does, according to fellow co-owner Sarah Barrable-Tishauer. “She’s killing it in her field,” Barrable-Tishauer said—”one of the few young female brewers in the country.” Another thing they might killing, however, is future sales with some of the preachy messages.

My personal favorite is their message about gender equality, “nipples are nipples.” The nipple war isn’t exactly raging, but that doesn’t stop Sparkke from fighting it, via a can of hard lemonade.

Another message is part of a campaign to change the date of Australia Day because it’s celebrated on a day in history when indigenous people in Australia were killed. There is also a message on one of the cans about being more welcoming to refugees and immigrants—another topic that lots of people are prone to ponder as they get drunk.

The company does deserve credit for its fourth slogan, though, which is designed to promote consent and help decrease sexual assault. The can is labeled “consent can’t come before you do,” and it’s actually very clever.

Reminds me of the old adage that even a broken clock is right twice a day! Companies like Sparkke may want to focus more on making better products and less on coming up social justice campaigns that are off-putting to potential customers.”

H/T: Heat St

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