Dear Feminists: Y’all Are Dumb. Like Really Dumb. For Real.

Dear Feminists

Chances are if you’re on this site it’s because you already think most feminists are dumb.

Being a woman myself, I’m all for equal rights and equal pay for women. But seriously, when I listen to feminists today I want to blow my brains out. When did feminism start meaning that we have to stop shaving and become part of the She-Woman Man-Haters Club?

Comedian Nicole Arbour has a few things to say to today’s feminists, covering everything from shaving and body odor to slut-shaming and sex (and she’s got some pretty great ideas about blow jobs I think we can all get behind).

I could pretty much sum up the whole video in 4 words: You bitches are dumb, but it’s really just better if you watch it for yourself.

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