Acroynm Of Feminist Coloring Book ‘Colour Up Next Tuesday’ Meant To Empower


Can you imagine men calling each other pussies, faggots, bitches, or twats as a way of emasculating their friends? Of course you can, men do that all the time, because we’re men and we can take jokes… Which apparently, to our surprise, has some women feeling left out and wanting to get in on the action.

Women’s website “Revelist” has chronicled the story of a woman who created a coloring book called “Colour Up Next Tuesday” (CUNT) which asks women to color in pictures of words they normally find offensive in an effort to normalize them and take away the “power” given to them by supposed misogyny. Beki Reilly, the author, had this to say:

As a feminist, it’s important to her that other women view their vaginas with pride, instead of the shame instilled in us.

On face value, we’re not actually mad about this, perpetually offended feminists have all but ruined life on the internet, so perhaps this lady is on to something? On second thought, do we really want our daughters going around calling each other twats, cunts, and talking about their “vag” 24/7?

No. Therein lies the rub. Feminists, in an effort to make women more like men, are attempting to transform young women from proper ladies into the foul mouthed equivalent of pre-pubescent boys. Is this really what empowerment is all about?

To read more about C.U.N.T, visit Revelist.