Houston Man Finds Out Kid Isn’t His…Judge Still Drops The Hammer On Him

I ain’t saying she a gold digger…

Willie Carson, a Houston native who has often been paycheck to paycheck, is finally closing the page on a stressful, profoundly perplexing situation. Carson has been paying Texas-state mandated child support for a kin that he has never seen or spoken to.

The kicker? Carson has proven through several DNA tests that the child he has been making payments on for over a decade is, in fact, not his own. Carson was initially named the father at birth on the child’s birth certificate and has been suffering for the bureaucratic mess until as of late.

‘There were days that I didn’t eat. I went without electricity. ‘Carson has a court appearance on Monday, one he hopes will save him from losing all his hard earned cash to what amounts to a clerical error. ‘I’m hoping for it but the judge has the last say so,’ he said.”

The real question that is being drawn from this scenario is, where does the state declare where a separated parent can draw the line on financial duty to their children? Carson was paying for this clerical error for thirteen years straight. Carson still owes the state of Texas over $20,000 in back taxes alone on this issue.

The state of Texas has passed legislation to allow DNA testing to retract parental rights, but only from the time of legislation onward. Those affected prior are left in the lurch by the local government.

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