HuffPost Admits Feminism Is A Dirty Word, Suggests Crazy New Term

Huffington Post, blatantly biased and far left, is key mouthpiece for social justice warriors, especially feminists. It’s a bit shocking then than they’ve decided the word “feminist” could now be potentially problematic because it evokes images of anger and hating men. All it took was Kim Kardashian rejecting the term, according to Huff Post:

Another day, another celebrity denying that they are the dirty ‘F’ word… feminist. Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian was the latest woman (of immense privilege) to distance herself from the feminist label. In fact, the woman who is a daily model for elite fashion and lifestyle brands to an audience of millions worldwide, actually said when it came to ‘feminist’: “I don’t like labels.”

This led the op-ed writer at HuffPost to conclude that feminism is now a dirty word and that feminists have actually been taking their rights for GRANTED! Amazing.

Feminism has become, to many people, a dirty word; even an antiquated concept. Centuries ago, women started the fight for equal rights — to vote, to own property, to have control over our reproductive systems — but that’s ancient history. Now, we take our rights for granted.

However, the victory party for men ends there, because the writer quickly suggested using another word in place of feminism. Are you ready for this?

I say we change the word ‘feminist” to ‘champion’. There are such positive associations with being a champion; winner, success. Champion also means advocate, and that’s what we all need to be; advocates for each other.

Champion, really? You can always count on leftists to try to redefine words to fit their purposes… time will only tell if this sticks.

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